The 10 Things I Would Rebuy if I Lost My Whole Makeup Collection

Of course, no one likes to entertain waking nightmares. But for the sake of this post, I do it today.

What if suddenly all my preciouses were gone? What if every makeup item I own had grown legs and walked off? What are the first ten things I replace?

I’m throwing it out there today for you to enjoy, in order of importance.

1—Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss (Any Color)

Sexy mother pucker gloss in a nude pink shade
Try not to get Prince stuck in your head every time you use this.

I only picked one lip product, but it tops the list. I would die without lip gloss. I would wither and die. I mean, my lips would, BUT ALSO MY SOUL.

This is about more than looks. This is about comfort. And I can’t live without lip gloss for that.

I especially picked the Sexy Mother Pucker gloss because it’s got the most sting of any plumping lip gloss I’ve tried, and I am addicted to glosses that make me feel like I maced myself in the lips. (I know I just said I want comfort more than anything. But hey, I contain multitudes.)

2—IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

Me holding my It Superhero mascara
It’s finicky, but when it works, there’s nothing like it.

Now we get into the thing that’s essential from an aesthetics perspective, and that’s mascara.

Specifically, the one I’d rebuy is the IT Superhero mascara because of how ready and eager it is to coat my lashes in major, impactful length and volume.

Even if I have nothing else on my face, this plus an eyelash curler is enough for me. I may have written a post on mascara alternatives, but for me, there’s no alternative to IT Superhero, and it’s the secondmost thing I’d prefer not to be without.

3—Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe

Me holding an anastasia dip brow container

I know, I know. There are a million less expensive options out there now. I try them and I’m always disappointed by the shade. Everything product that calls itself “taupe” is far too warm for my brows…except this baby. Three cheers for Dipbrow from Anastasia.

I never used to be a brow person. I’ve had brow-focused trichotillomania for forever, anyway, so I was usually like “Why even bother?” But now I feel completely naked without something there. It’s like my face doesn’t look complete unless brows are on, and I’ve never found anything better and easier than slightly dried out Dipbrow for making that happen. That’s why it holds this high place on the list.

4—A Multitasking Singles Palette

a singles palette made with glitter or shimmer shadows
Yes, there are sponge tip applicators here. I am willing to die on the sponge applicator hill. They’re the perfect tool for shimmers if you don’t want to use your fingers.

This beautiful thing contains my JDGlow shadows (many of which can double as highlighters since I don’t mind glitter on my cheeks) and a blush from Sydney Grace called Strawberry Lemonade (no longer for sale).

Eyeshadow before base products, you ask? Yep. One sparks joy, and the other, not as much.

I’d be perfectly happy with one-shadow shimmer looks for a time. They work well with my deep-set eyes.

But eventually I’ll tire of just having six eyeshadow shades and want more variety, which is why this isn’t the last eyeshadow palette on the list.

But before that comes a base product. I’m not a monster.

5—Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten in Light

A picture of the balanced n brighten with swirls of different colored powders baked in
It’s a baked product that’s color correcting, too!

A powder foundation is my only skin-correcting product on the list.

My skin’s been pretty good to me in my late thirties. While I still have occasional adult acne and redness, just smoothing things out is good enough for me. I don’t feel the need to cover every spot on my face.

Plus, powder foundations are just SO comfortable. The Laura Geller powder in particular feels silky and light, and it’s got great hydration and smoothing properties that make your skin feel fantastic (which is clutch for me).

Even when I find a liquid foundation that works really well, I seldom reach for it because (1) powder foundation is easier and (2) I don’t ever feel powder sitting heavy on my face, even later in the day. And with the Laura Geller powder foundation in particular, you get all the benefits of a baked product.

6—Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette

A face palette from dior with pink, white, tan, and gold pans
This beautiful four pan face palette is perfection.

Now, I could use the shadows from JDGlow as highlighters and the single blush from Sydney Grace and probably be okay. But the Backstage Glow Face Palette is just so perfect and flattering for my coloring that there’s really nothing that compares, and I would miss it dearly if it was gone.

First off, that white shade can give the coveted glass skin look. It’s so smooth and wet-looking on the skin. And the pink is just perfect as a glowy blush for me, but it will make a gorgeous highlight for any cool-toned ladies or gents with a deeper skin tone. Even the bronze shade looks natural and beautiful without any fuss at all.

7—Anastasia Modern Renaissance

Anastasia modern renaissance with reds, pinks, and oranges
I’d have a hard time making it without this palette.

Ah, Modern Renaissance. When I got tired of my glitter bombs in my premade palette mentioned earlier, I’d want to return to some grown lady shadows.

The Modern Renaissance palette is the perfect combination of neutrals and color for me, and every look I do with it makes me look like I’m awesome at makeup.

This is my basics palette, and I consider my collection incomplete without it.

8—Menagerie Pastel Pup Palette

The menagerie pastel pup palette with an assortment of bright pastels.
A pastelly, colorful dream.

Eyes are where it’s at for me, and just a palette of sparkle and a palette of warm neutrals isn’t going to cut it. I need one last category for eyeshadow filled, and that’s the need for color!

While the Pastel Pup is my favorite palette, I recognize it as less clutch than the one-shadow shimmer looks and neutrals I’d need in this terrible use case of losing all my makeup. Nonetheless, I would miss it so much that I know it would be on my rebuy list earlier than, say, a concealer. And it comes with two practical colors—that white and black—that really will make it a workhorse in this 10-piecer.

Makeup to me is mostly about fun, and this is the palette that really brings the fun back into the mini collection.

9—Colourpop BFF Liquid Liner in Numero Uno (or Similar)

A black felt tip liner from colourpop
A decent black liquid liner—necessary in my rebuild.

Even though I seldom wear liner these days, I want the option. Really any good black felt tip or brush tip liner will do, but the one I currently have is this one from Colourpop and it’s suiting me just fine.

That’s really all for that. Not a ton you can say about liquid liner except “I hate it” or “it’s good.” This one’s good and I’d rebuy it.

10—Milani Eyeshadow Primer

grey tube of milani eyeshadow primer
She is humble but mighty.

The last key thing I’d want in my new mini-collection is this primer from Milani. It works as good as any primer I’ve ever used, including high end, and I like everything about using it.

I have trouble with eyeshadow longevity. And while that’s not the end of the world, it matters enough for me to put this primer on this list over some other things that might show up on someone else’s list, like face primer, a liquid foundation, or a concealer.

Would It Be Enough?

Collection of my 10 things mentioned
Are these truly all I need?

For a time, yeah, I think I could live with this pared-down list of items. That multitasking singles palette helps a lot, and until I have a particularly brutal breakout, that powder foundation is going to have me all set. But eventually I’m going to decide I can’t live without a blue shifting highlighter, a nude lipstick, or a liquid foundation with an incredible finish. At that point, I’d get set to building again.

What about you? I encourage you to look through your own collection and think about the things you’d want most and why. You’ll be surprised to see that your favorites aren’t always the things you’d put first on a list like this. It’s a fun exercise.