Looking for Light Purple Eyeshadow? Roundup of Palettes & Singles

So you’re on the hunt for some lovely lavenders. A few years ago, you would have largely been out of luck—a good purple palette was hard to find, especially if you weren’t checking for indie brands.

Luckily, there’s been plenty of purple eyeshadow that’s come out over the last few years that are capable of satisfying that need. Here are some of the highest quality options, both for palettes and for singles.


First, let’s talk about light purple palettes.

Tarte’s Tartlette Palette

The front of the tartlette palette

Here’s an oldie but a goodie, still going strong at Sephora—the Tartlette palette from Tarte Cosmetics ($39). Don’t let the misleading promo pictures fool you: there’s a middle row with some killer soft purples, even though it doesn’t look like it on Sephora’s website.

Here they are in real life, true to color. Check out the middle left three shades. Beautiful, neutral purples, including a delightful light purple all the way on the middle left.

The inside of the tartlette palette, with several pans of light purple eyeshadow
You can see the purples are my favorite!

Kaleidos’ Lunar Lavender Palette

A six pan lavender palette

If you’re not familiar with Kaleidos, you’re missing out. Their formula is second to none, and their packaging is an absolute delight. You feel like a million bucks when using their products. (In fact, you’ll see them show up twice in my top five favorite eyeshadow palettes list.)

And lucky you, if you’re searching for light purple eyeshadow, because Kaleidos has a whole six pan love story to light purple eyeshadow. The Lunar Lavender palette ($24) has four beautiful purples, plus a deepening shade and a nice crease shade for many skin tones. Their shimmers shine like foil, so be prepared for some major light purple pop on your lids.

Colorpop’s Lilac You a Lot Palette

A nine pan mostly light purple palette with a few darker purples

Looking for an even more affordable option? Colourpop has their Lilac You a Lot palette ($14), which features three light purple shimmers and a beautiful light purple matte. It’s part of their monochromatic color series, and as I’ve said before, these palettes can be depended on for great quality.

Urban Decay’s Naked Ultraviolet Palette

A long palette with half neutrals, half purples

A light purple palette roundup wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of the Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet palette ($49). This half-neutral, half-purple palette includes a pastel purple matte in Optimized, as well as several lighter purple shimmers.

A word of caution. This palette has gotten mixed reviews, as far as pigmentation goes. You may want to swatch the palette in a Sephora or Ulta before shelling out a whole $50 for this palette.


If you’re not anxious to buy an entire light purple eyeshadow palette (or if you’re not sure if a whole eyeshadow palette is worth it), no worries! Here are the high-quality single light purple eyeshadows you can pick up.

Indie brands really have the singles game on lockdown, so many of my recommendations will be from them.

Menagerie’s Belly Slide

A cool toned light purple eyeshadow

Originally found in the Pastel Pup palette, Belly Slide ($5) is one of my all-time favorites for a single shadow look. It’s a creamy lavender matte that I have no doubt will delight you.

Looking for something more shimmery? Menagerie also has the sparkling Fruity Feast and the multichromatic satin Nocturnal, both from the Flight Club all-purple palette.

Urban Decay’s Free Bird

a warm, shifty plum color

Don’t be fooled by the dark pan. Urban Decay’s Free Bird ($19) is described as a sheer lilac, and it swatches out as a light purple.


Urban Decay has always been known for their innovative shadows—hey, they were doing blue-brown duochromes before it was cool! And while the price tag is high on this one, you have the convenience of being able to pick it up at your local Ulta or Sephora.

Terra Moons’ Purple Clouds

a cool lavender with silvery shimmer

If you’re looking for something a little more unusual, look to Purple Clouds from Terra Moons ($8). This indie brand is offering up a high pigment lavender-blue shifter. It’s not your typical flat light purple.

the shade swatched on deep skin

JD Glow’s Viola

a warm light purple

Described as a shimmery, iridescent light purple, JD Glow’s Viola ($7.50) is sure to satisfy your need for a light purple shimmer. Plus, JD Glow pans are huge, so you’ll feel no hesitation to dig into this one over and over again.

Sydney Grace’s Haven and Regal

two dusty purples

From my personal collection, I can suggest a few mattes ($5) from Sydney Grace. One is Haven, described as a light warm matte lavender. The other is Regal, described as a light cool matte lavender. Both are sophisticated soft washes of color, so if that sounds like what you’re looking for, these babies are just the thing. But if you’re looking for in-your-face pigmented mattes, I’d lean either toward Menagerie’s matte formula or the one I’m about to describe below.

Colourpop’s Heiress

a pure lavender

Colourpop’s Heiress ($4.50) is described as a matte pastel lavender, and that bright pop of light purple is sure to brighten your day! As discussed, Colourpop is a great source of high-quality shadows, and at the price, you’re sure to be happy with what you get.

Devinah’s Ethereal

a chinchilla grayish purple

Another sophisticated choice is the muted purple Ethereal from Devinah Cosmetics ($5). Described as a “muted purplish eggplant plum,” there seems to be few words that can really capture the nuance of this shadow. If you like more neutral light purples, this might be the route to go.

L’Oreal’s Liquid Diamond

a shiny silvery light purple

L’Oreal’s Infallible 24 HR eyeshadow are some of the few high-quality singles you can buy at the drugstore. This one in particular, Liquid Diamond, is a silver-leaning light purple (some might say a light-purple-leaning silver) that will make all your frosty, 2001-era Christina Agulera dreams come true.

Light Purple Abounds!

Whether you want cool toned or warm toned, bright or muted, shimmer or matte, silver leaning or red leaning, you’ve got so many options for light purple! I’ve only scraped the surface here, especially as it comes to singles. If you want to hunt for more options, here are the companies to check for singles:

Happy hunting for your next beautiful light purple eyeshadow!