Looking for a Pink Eyeshadow Palette? Here Are the Top 6

I feel you. You don’t just want a palette with a couple pink shades. We all know Anastasia’s popular Modern Renaissance has a few berry tones in it. That’s not what you’re about.

You want a truly pink eyeshadow palette. Not one with a few pinks. A really, truly, outrageously pink eyeshadow palette.

I got you.

Let’s count them down! Here are my picks for the best pink palettes.

Colourpop’s Ooh La La!

mostly bright pink palette with a few more muted colors

The Colourpop Ooh La La! palette is a part of Colourpop’s monochromatic palette series, and it’s a pink lover’s dream. The middle row especially packs a pink punch that can’t be beat as far as pigmentation goes. If you truly crave pink shadow, this palette will not disappoint.

Give Me Glow’s Vivid Rose

ten pan muted and bright pink eyeshadow palette

If you want a palette with a lot of pink variety, Give Me Glow comes through with its Vivid Rose palette. With 10 shades, this is a bigger pink eyeshadow palette than many you’ll see out there. And Give Me Glow is famous for its formula—creamy, luxurious, and high pigment.

Juvia’s Place’s Sweet Pinks

six pan bright pink palette with one a more peachy color

Juvia’s Place created a series of mini monochromatic palettes, and the Sweet Pinks is one of them. A bright and cheerful little palette with an equal split of mattes and shimmers, the Sweet Pinks gives you just enough shadows to satisfy your pink craving.

BH Cosmetics’ Sweet Shoppe: Cotton Candy

bright, half purple half pink eyeshadow palette

I cheated a little here. This palette leans purple as well as pink, but with all the rave reviews and with the prevalence of pink in the palette, I couldn’t leave the BH’s Cotton Candy palette from their Sweet Shoppe line off the list. The entire Sweet Shoppe line has been touted as one of the best affordable palette series available today, and this particular pink-leaning color story is to die for.

Stella Rosa Rose All Day

mostly light four pan palette with one bright pink

Stella Rosa—yes, the wine company Stella Rosa—has branched out into makeup, and offered for your perusal is the Rose All Day pink palette. With a mostly lighter, even girlier take on pink, this may be the palette for you if you want a variety of softer pink shades.

Colourpop’s Cloud Spun

light pink eyeshadow palette

Speaking of a lighter take on pink, I present to you Colourpop’s Cloud Spun palette—their take on the softer side of pink. Yes, there’s still that bright in the corner, but these are mostly subtle, pastel pinks to delight your girly soul.

Thinking Pink? Hope This Helped!

That’s it—the fully, no-holds-barred pink eyeshadow palettes you can pick up right now.

Hopefully you’ve found one that made your heart sing!

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