The Best Actually Cool Toned Eyeshadow Palettes You Can Buy

Cool tones spent a long time being neglected, but these days, you can find plenty of cooler palettes out there.

Here’s a list of actually cool toned eyeshadow palettes you can buy right now.

Colourpop Stone Cold Fox

a large cool toned neutral palette

First of many Colourpop options on this list is the Stone Cold Fox palette ($34). This 30-pan baby is full of silvers, taupes, and mauves. The Colourpop formula is impressive, so if you’re into larger palettes, don’t hesitate to give this one a try!

Colourpop That’s Taupe

an all taupe palette

The That’s Taupe palette ($14) from Colourpop is another cool toned staple. All of its gray-leaning browns look much warmer in the picture than they come off in real life, and the formula is buttery and magical. Slated is a gorgeous silvery topper shade, and Rock Steady is a go-to for the perfect cool midtone.

Viseart Violette Étendu

A mostly purple palette with some cool toned neutrals

If you want some color in your cool toned palette, look no further than the Violette Étendu ($44) from Viseart. The only warm-leaning purple has blue shimmer to cool it off, and look at those cool neutrals to complement the color choices.

Colourpop Blowin’ Smoke

a white, gray, and black palette

Yes, another Colourpop palette—but they have so many cool toned eyeshadow palettes to choose from!

The Blowin’ Smoke palette ($14) is the ultimate in cool tones: namely, a grayscale palette that’s so black and white you might wonder if there’s a filter on the picture. It’s great for nighttime or moments that call for major drama.

Melt Mary Jane

A palette of smoky neutrals

Melt’s Mary Jane palette ($58) is a cool toned dream to look at. Some folks say the shimmer formula in this palette can be finicky, but if you’ve fallen in love with the cool color story, it may be worth the extra finessing.

Urban Decay Naked2 Basics

A small palette of gray-leaning neutrals

The Urban Decay Naked2 Basics palette ($29) is a cool-leaning neutral palette with all your essentials for a natural look. The formula of these palettes is excellent, and you can get incredibly flattering looks out of them; in fact, yours truly used a Naked Basics palette for her wedding.

Colourpop Baroque

A palette of prussian blue leaning cool tones

I know, I know—another Colourpop choice. But they simply rule the market when it comes to cool toned offerings. And the Baroque palette ($14) is one of the most popular palettes from their roster that you could pick out.

Filled with gray and silver, the nine-pan Baroque palette offers up glitz and glimmer, perfect for you guys and gals looking for a nice addition to your cool toned collection.

Sorta-Cool-Toned Runners Up

I wanted to throw in some palettes that have a good dose of cool as well. These aren’t wholly cool—there are some warn shades in the palettes. But if you’re in the market for cool tones, these might float your boat.

Lunar Beauty Eternal Eclipse

blues, browns, terra cottas and grays make up this palette

Sure, we’ve got warm shades like Sandstorm and Gold Dust in Lunar Beauty’s Eternal Eclipse palette ($48). But there’s also a good deal of grays, blues, and silvers.

BH Cosmetics Remix Dance ’00s

Lots of purple and gray, with some warm tans on the bottom

If you want more color from your cool-ish palette, BH’s Remix Dance ’00s is your huckleberry. While there are a few golden browns, the first two rows are cool hued.

Tarte Tartlette

All matte neutral palette

Sure, there are some browns in this neutral matte palette. But you also have a good deal of taupe and mauve going on here—enough to get the Tartelette palette ($49) on the sort-of-cool-toned list.

Alter Ego Temptress

A palette of taupes with one pop of coral

Alter Ego is a dupe brand that’s known for a great formula. Its Temptress palette ($16) is a dupe for Anastasia’s famous, no-longer-available cool toned gem: the Sultry palette.

There are lovely grays and silvers in here, and even the brown-looking shades lean taupe when on the eyes. Overall, this one’s a great cool toned option if you missed out on Sultry.

That’s It!

So there you have it—a list of truly cool toned (and a bonus list of semi-cool-toned) eyeshadow palettes. These will be especially flattering if you have cooler toned skin. (If you want to see how to tell if that’s you, check out my post on what color highlighter to get according to your undertone.)

Go forth and swim in a sea of taupes!